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(🔥 Spring Discounts| 45%OFF)Q18 Pro Global Smartphone Helio X30 Android 8.1 6GB+128GB Waterproof 6580mAh Mobile Phone

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Since the first day of its launch, this little-known (yet!) smartphone is flying off shelves worldwide! Impressive performance, cutting-edge design, and totally affordable price are something that make this device a top choice - but can it really be THAT good AND cheap at the same time?..

It’s not a secret that tech giants are ripping us off – their smartphones are mostly going through minimal changes every year yet the increase in prices is significant. Not to mention many other things you’re paying for without even knowing it, such as ads or their fancy stores… These are the reasons why their phones are ridiculously expensive!

What if there was a smartphone that could both perform at the same, top-quality level and be totally affordable to anyone? How is that possible, you’d ask? Its creators let the product speak for itself and it’s only available online which means that you don’t have to pay for needless advertising and stores. This allows you to enjoy all the latest features smartphones have to offer without spending a fortune!

What Is It?

Using Q18 Pro feels just as smooth as using any expensive model from the major brands – that’s because Q18 Pro is made by the same manufacturers that combined the best parts, software, and the latest technology they use for those expensive smartphones. As a result, we now have a solid looking and super fast device that brings the whole new visual experience for its users!It’s called Q18 Pro, and it’s a fresh breeze on the global smartphone market that is actually able to offer a great combination of premium quality and a decent price!

What Makes Q18 Pro So Special?

Q18 Pro creators definitely know what are the most important features to focus on, and that’s what makes this smartphone an equally strong competitor in the battle between those big tech brands.

  •  Sony"48MP rear camera
          Stunning night shot
           Super tough and durable
     6580mAh battery
           Long service time
     Helio X30 Ten-core
          Fast multi-tasking
          Precise navigation

But This Is Not All… What Else Do I Get?

Face and fingerprint unlock.
 Q18 Pro allows to achieve the highest level of safety and keep all your important data accessible only to that one person that has the right to it – you! Using face or fingerprint unlock, you’re able to access your phone in impresive 0.1 seconds fuss-free.Apart from a great camera, high capacity battery and ensured internet connection, Q18 Pro still has a lot to offer! It comes with the latest features you’d be able to find in the newest iPhones or Galaxies, which are:

  • The Ten-core 2.5 GHz processor and 6GB RAM ensure the premium user experience, whether you’re surfing the internet, having a video call, or watching funny cat videos on Youtube. Never get annoyed by the speed of your phone again!
  • Dual sim and memory card slots are great for business reasons or simply travelling around – it’s like having two phones in one!
  • Large 6.3" Multi-Touch IPS capacitive screen of Q18 Pro brings an unforgettable visual experience.
  • 128GB storage that Q18 Pro comes with is more than enough for most users to keep all their data on their phones. However, just in case you require extra, there is a possibility to extend the memory by up to 128GB using a simple SD card.
  • Dual GPS and Glonass ensures ultra-accurate navigation.
  • The best ever version of Android – Android 8.1 – helps your phone do more, act faster, and last longer.
  • Slick and solid design created with multimedia experience in mind won’t disappoint even the pickiest users.
  • Simplicity – sometimes navigating a new phone might be a challenge. Q18 Pro, however, is different – it comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions that allow you to set it up and start using it in no time.

How Much Does Q18 Pro Cost?

How Could It Be So Affordable?Although meeting all the “requirements” of the latest smartphones, Q18 Pro is able to offer about 5 times lower price than its competitors! They are running a promo for a limited time, which allows you to get this amazing device for only 139$!

Q18 Pro creators work hard on polishing the best features of the device. They spend nothing on advertising since they prefer to concentrate on the actual product and let it speak for itself. This allows to keep the perfect balance between quality and price, and let the positive reviews do the job for them!

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Definitely YES! For the price of the cheapest smartphones, you get the premium level quality, solid looks, and top performance! Q18 Pro is under 200$ - it’s impossible to find a better deal!

To sum up: buying a smartphone that you can really afford no longer means losing out some of the “high class” features – Q18 Pro performs just as good as all those famous, expensive brands but is available for far less!




Waterproof& MIL-STD-810G
Built to Cope with The Harsh Environment

Q18 Pro is an ultra-rugged smartphone that's strong,tough and reliable.No matter when it's caught by pouring rain,or falls on the rough concrete surface or muddy roads,it stays intact and unscathed.



Sony48MP Rear Camera Beast,
Excellent at Every Detail

Sony*48MP rear camera powered by Al reveals life's drama,texture,colour and beauty in every photograph that will take your breath away.

16MP Front Camera
Beautifies The Selfie More Naturally

Take your selfies to the next level with the 16MP front camera.The Al Face Beauty function enhances your facial features even further with clarity and delicacy.

Nightshot Mode,
Capture the Mysterious Night

Q18 Pro tracks low-light and night time photography effortlessly.It presents incredible images in every setting even when daylight fades and night draws in.

Formidable Helio P70 Processor

Powered by the Al Master Helio X30 Octa-core processor and powerful 6GB RAM the Q18 Pro deals with multitask in a high speed,delivering smooth responsiveness andlightning-fast gaming experience.The 128GB ROM provides massive storage for tons of games,photos,movies,and music.

6580mAh Battery,
Enjoy 35-day Standby Time

Fed up with your phone letting you down with frequent charging?Q18 Pro won't.
Just a single charge of your Q18 Pro can give you 30 hours of music playtime.


Android 8.1 Pie
Smarter and Faster

Android 8.1 Pie harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to give you more from your phone.It's smarter,faster and adapts to you according to how you use your phone and learning your preferences as you go.Your experience will be promised to get better and better over time,and it keeps things running smoother.


Powerful Navigation Capability

Equipped with GPS & GLONASS & BeiDou triple modes navigation systems,Q18 Pro offers superior navigation accuracy.It's especially useful when exploring in the jungle or any other complex terrain.


Measure Altitude with Built-in Barometer  

For people who are into hiking or mountaineering,Q18 Pro helps you chart your progress by measuring altitude with a built-in air pressure sensor.

Fingerprint & Face Recognition,Unlock in 0.1s

XT2500 Pro provides dual intelligent and simple ways to unlock the phone-fingerprint&face,no need to input password or draw the complicated pattern any more.

6.3"FHD+Waterdrop Screen
Promise You lmmersive Visual Experience

Impress yourself with the immersive 6.3-inch FHD+ waterdrop display.The minute you unlock the screen,you instantly enjoy the supertor clartty and vivid colour and dive into your own world.


Global LTE Support,
Perfect for Worldwide Travel

The Global LTE Support Q18 Pro can work across dliferent countries and time zones and with most international and local wireless carriers.Always stay connected wherever you are.
 2G GSM Bands 2/3/5/8
 3G WCDMA Bands 1/2/4/5/6/8/19
            TDSCDMA Bands 34/39
 4G FDD-LTE Bands 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/28/28B/66
            TDD-LTEBands 34/38/39/40/41
            C2K BC/BC1
                                     Dual sim card &156G memory card




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